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Our history
Since 2002,

Our private flight charter company traces its roots back to a humble beginning, born out of a passion for providing unparalleled luxury and convenience to discerning travelers seeking access to the picturesque mountain town of Telluride.

What began as ad hoc charters exclusively catering to Telluride's enchanting allure, soon blossomed into a thriving enterprise. Fueled by the growing demand from our esteemed clientele for bespoke travel experiences, we broadened our routes beyond the confines of Telluride. As our reputation spread, so too did our ability to customize transport requests to worldwide destinations, unveiling a new chapter in our company's evolution. Recognizing the need to secure the best rates and ensure preferential priority on aircraft, we pioneered the concept of a boutique aviation club—forging relationships with operators eager to cater to our discerning clientele. We extended the same efforts to top resorts building relationships so club members can benefit.

Because we are a club with multiple members, we have more influence over individuals seeking the same plane. This leads to operators giving priority to our bookings over others. When you join our private jet club, you become part of an exclusive network that leverages collective bargaining power to secure the best aircraft and flight schedules.


The charter aircraft we offer include high speed jets that reach up to 500 mph+ in air speed. The luxury categories include Gulf Stream, Challenger, Hawker, Lear, Citation and others. The large charter planes include Boeing 727, 737, 757, and Airbus A319,


We ensure the highest standards of safety by exclusively partnering with operators that have a minimum of Argus Gold or Platinum ratings, as well as Wyvern PASS Ready or Wingman certifications. This rigorous selection criteria guarantees that our clients receive unparalleled service from operators who have undergone thorough audits and maintain exemplary safety records, providing peace of mind and exceptional travel experiences.

Club Benefits

Reduced Rates

Take advantage of reduced costs by joining our aviation club. As a Boutique Club we have contracts with major operators around the world. We guarantee these operators a certain number of hours every year, and they give us discounted rates which we pass on to you. With our purchasing power, we can negotiate more competitive rates for charter flights. Members benefit from cost savings that they wouldn't be able to achieve on their own.

Priority on Aircrafts

During peak holiday periods, private planes are in high demand. Our priority service ensures that you are at the top of the list for flight bookings during Christmas, New Year's, and other major holidays, providing you with peace of mind and convenience.

Private Car Service

Enjoy the luxury of personalized transportation with our exclusive private car service, designed to elevate your travel experience to new heights. With $200 of private car service credited per leg, you can relax and unwind from the moment you step out of your door, knowing that every aspect of your journey has been meticulously arranged for your comfort and convenience.


Enjoy $200 credit per leg of your journey to spend on our in-flight catering services. Say goodbye to uninspired airline meals and hello to a gastronomic adventure that mirrors the sophistication of your destination. From the moment you step on board, you'll be greeted by the aromas of freshly prepared dishes crafted by world-class chefs.

Resort Credit

Member benefit of $5,000 annual credit to multiple resort, and experiences when you fly with the club.

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Join The Club

Annual Dues

Family Plan: $3,500 – 4 family members may book a flight
Corporate: $6,500 – 4 designated associates may book a flight

3 round trip or 6 individual legs to any destination.

$15,000 from which –
$5,000 will be applied to the actual cost of each round trip or
$2,500 will be applied to the actual cost of each single leg

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