Pilatus PC-12 NG

This turbo prop can carry between 6-9 passengers in a spacious cabin and is one of the the least expensive ways to travel. Take your dog with you for the holidays, stress free.

Cabin volume (excluding cockpit)330 cu ft                 9.34 cu m
Cabin length (excluding cockpit)16 ft 11 in                 5.16 m
Cabin width5 ft 0 in                                                     1.52 m
Headroom4 ft 10 in                                                     1.47 m
Cabin floor width (flat floor)4 ft 3 in                             1.30 m
Passenger door24 in x 53 in                                       0.61 m x 1.35 m
Cargo door (standard on all aircraft)52 in x 53 in       1.35 m 1.32 m
Baggage compartment40 cu ft.                                   1.13 cu m