Charter Departures/Arrivals
Flights depart from regional airports in your area.  Departure times are determined per your request. Enter your preferred departure time on the reservation page and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Flying Time
Below is a chart showing approximate flying time to Telluride, Colorado from 7 major cities.  Your flight time may vary depending on actual departure city, type of aircraft, payload, wind and weather conditions. 

Telluride - SFO 2.2 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 2.4 hrs
Telluride - LA areas 2.0 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 2.2 hrs
Telluride - Dallas 1.6 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 1.8 hrs
Telluride - Miami 3.6 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 3.8 hrs
Telluride - NYC 3.5 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 3.7 hrs
Telluride - Chicago 2.2 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 2.4 hrs
Telluride - Seattle 2.5 hours + taxi time .2 hrs = 2.7 hrs

*Contact us for flying time to Europe, the Caribbean and other worldwide destinations.

The charter aircraft available include high speed jets that reach up to 500 mph+ in air speed.  The luxury categories include Gulf Stream, Hawker, Lear, and Citation.  The large charter planes include Boeing 727, 737, 757, and Airbus A319, some of which are retro-fitted to all First Class Seating. The luxury interiors may include leather club chairs, side facing sofas, bar area, polished wood fold down tables, and other upgrades.  The jets are operated by FAA-licensed air carriers and maintained by professional authorized support facilities well versed in the engines and avionics of the individual FAA approved jet operators. 

Plane models may vary within the luxury category to better accommodate passengers.

Private Car Service
A worldwide chauffeured service may be included to pick up and return passengers from their residences or location of choice within 35 miles of the departure airport. Upcharge for locations beyond 35 miles. Once in Telluride, service is provided  to your accommodations/hotel by Telluride Express private service.

Telluride Flights reserves the right to change plane models within the luxury jet styles as necessary to better accommodate passengers.  Telluride Flights also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who may risk the quality, security, and/or safety of our service.  Cancellations and/or delays of flight departures remain the right of  Telluride Flights and the operators of the aircraft.  Such decisions are made with the passengers' safety in mind.  The aircrafts are insured up to $50,000,000 each and meet all the safety requiremenats of the FAA.  Security bag check is not exempt.

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